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The company VITAVA marketing in trgovina d.o.o. (Slovenia, EU) was created in May, 1998 and operates as the managing and administrative company.
One of the mail activity directions of the company is development and introduction of the innovative projects based on the advanced technologies and intellectual property.
Cooperation with a number of leading scientific institutions in Ukraine and Russia has resulted in original decisions in the search, investigation and an estimation of mineral resources deposits, energy saving technologies, effective use of existing energy sources as well as alternative sources of energy, climate study, and environmental protection.
Not only commercial projects, but also state programs apply our know-how in different spheres.
One of independent sectors in the activity of VITAVA marketing in trgovina d.o.o. is developing and promotion of high technologies patented and owned by VITAVA or other related to us companies. Our partners play a very important role in carrying out this activity.
Among VITAVA’s partners there are scientific and research establishments like Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry, Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, National Technical University of Ukraine «Kiev Polytechnic Institute», Institute of Applied Physics and Biophysics NAS of Ukraine, Institute of Space Researches of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geophysics of Academy of Science of Slovakia etc.


Our partners are engaged in development and promotion of our scientific achievements:

  1. EGI d.o.o. (Ljubljana, Slovenia);
  2. LEVANT d.o.o. (Ljubljana, Slovenia);
  3. VALTER d.o.o. (Ljubljana, Slovenia);
  4. Jadranska pomorska straza (Umag, Croatia);
  5. Institute of Ecology Monitoring (Tivat, Montenegro);
  6. IBE TRADE CORP. (New York, the USA);
  8. MAGELLAN (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  9. TASKO-export (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  10. PROGRES (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  11. EKOTOR (Russia).

They also introduce and promote scientific research results in various industries.
In close cooperation with our partners we perform commercial activities in the sector of real estate trade (LEVANT d.o.o.), biological and mineral fertilizers (IBE TRADE CORP.), energy resources and the dual purpose goods (VALTER d.o.o., TASKO-export, PROGRES), medicines and medicine related products (INFOSIS, Ukraine), furniture and home appliances (Joint Venture “Gruppo UKRITAL”, Ukraine) etc.

Provision of different services is an independent direction in company activities:

  • Advertising (ITB, Ukraine);
  • Space and air photography, infrared photography in geodesy, cartography, ecological monitoring (MAGELAN);
  • Diagnostics, screening and sense of hearing correction (INFOTON, Ukraine);
  • Sanatorium treatment, rehabilitation, leisure activities (Clinic "PUSCHA").

LEGITIMUS Law Company (Kyiv, Ukraine) is our legal partner in Ukraine and countries of the former Soviet Union, providing legal support of our business affairs worldwide.

Diversified activities of our company are based on the support of state authorities, political parties, veterans and other public societies of some countries (Ukraine, Slovenia, Russia VITAVA company participates in initiatives of the following international charitable foundations:
- IRF (Ljubljana, Slovenia) –fund of compensation for victims of the World War II and other military conflicts;
- “Future of Ukraine” (Kyiv, Ukraine) – charity fund for children, elderly people and deprived population.
All mentioned above are the grounds of partnership development and achievements in successful collaboration.

Sincerely yours,

Viktor Palyvida
Executive Director

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